COTI Wallet Brief Review

Despite the popularity of digital transactions, with a recent annual value of $3.265 trillion, there are still problems of fraud and technical integration. Classic electronic banking means and the most popular crypto services cannot deal with these issues. So, there was a need for a scalable and decentralized financial network that would ideally facilitate digital commerce.

Soon, customers were introduced to COTI wallets — a fast and convenient modern payment system, which can be considered an enterprise-level fintech platform. In the revision, readers can know more about COTI, its main details, its key advantages.

Basic Information

Firstly, COTI (shortly for the “Currency of The Internet”) was created to be applied as a blockchain protocol ideal for decentralized transactions. Such a system can be interesting for:

  • online business owners;
  • governments;
  • payment applications;
  • issuers of stablecoins.

COTI uses a directed acyclic graph ledger to level out the drawbacks of most blockchain systems that currently seem inappropriate for widespread adoption and day-to-day transfers.

How To Get COTI?

To receive COTI-currency, it`s enough to use the online exchange service:

  • choose the appropriate currency for the exchange (BTS, Ethereum, or other);
  • enter the amount to exchange;
  • in the adjacent list, select COTI as the currency to receive;
  • specify the address of the recipient to which the currency will come;
  • click on “Exchange”.

As a rule, it remains only to send funds in the specified currency to the deposit address to initiate the exchange.

COTI`s Advantages

In addition to the lowest possible fees, high scalability (up to 100,000 operations per second), and decentralization, COTI wallets have other significant advantages:

  • excellent rewarding and loyalty programs, cashback;
  • ability to buy COTI cryptocurrency and other coins with a regular credit card;
  • no intermediaries who need to get commissions;
  • high transaction speed (transactions are carried out instantly);
  • high security (it`s provided by the arbitration system).

Additionally, important supported features include the creation of stable coins. Platform clients can issue their own branded coin at a fixed rate.


It`s important to understand that COTI exists only within the project ecosystem and acts as a price stabilizer, as well as a tool for interaction between clients and service providers. The project is actively developing and expanding: the number of partners and tokens issued based on the network is growing, which indicates its prospects and total convenience.

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