Popular Coin Replica Series – The Coin That Built the Parthenon

During the fifth century B.C. the ciity-province of Athens was a head of the antiquated world. In 480 B.C. the current sanctuary of Athena was obliterated by the Persians. Athens appropriated 5,000 silver gifts from Delian League to fund building projects remembering the remaking of the Athenean sanctuary for the Acropolis. In 447 BC Pericles began development of the new sanctuary, the Parthenon. Committed to Athena, its name no doubt comes from a sculpture of Athena Parthenos, housed in the sanctuary. Encircled by a corridor, the principle room contained the sculpture of Athena embellished with more modest sculptures portraying Athena’ life.

The marble Parthenon is an illustration of Doric plan and Ionic engineering highlights. The elements of the foundation of the structure are 228 feet in length and 101.4 feet wide. The outside sections are 6.2 feet in width and 34.1 feet high. The Parthenon cost 469 silver abilities to fabricate. Converted into 2010 costs, one ability of silver is equivalent to 82.25 pounds or 1199.479 official ounces. With spot silver at $17.36 USD, one silver ability is valued at $20,822.9554 USD. Consequently, the Parthenon cost $9,765,966.08 = (469 gifts x $20,822.9554).

Athens delivered a gigantic issue of one specific silver coin to fund development of the Parthenon. An enormous 42 gram silver deckadrachm was struck. The front of the deckadrachm shows the head of Athena confronting left wearing a peaked cap with two olive leaves and a flower scroll. (Athena was the benefactor goddess of Athens.) The converse shows an owl standing confronting, wings spread with an olive twig in upper left; word ‘Athens’ on lower right.; all the front-side is inside an incuse square. The owl likewise addresses the city-territory of Athens. The Deckadrachm was given from 467 to 465 B.C. (Burn 2516.) Today, not exactly as than thirty unique deckadrachms exist. Ten are claimed by galleries and private authorities. The Turkish government claims 20 of these deckadrachms.

Albeit this popular coin is exceptionally uncommon, lawful generations of the Athenean deckadrachm are accessible. These propagations are either struck from unadulterated silver or cast in sans lead pewter duplicates.. As per the Hobby Protection Act of 1973, the word COPY is struck on the front-side of these lawful generations. Today the deckadrachm and the Parthenon stay the best instances of Greek craftsmanship and design in the antiquated world.

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