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OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace in the world, consisting of millions of NFTs from various artists and creators worldwide. It is more than just a platform for NFTs, it is like a mall where people come to shop for their favorite NFTs. 

 As the popularity of NFTs increases with time, OpenSea has become an even more popular platform with millions of visitors on a daily basis. 

Every NFT artist’s career starts from OpenSea and every new project finds its success through OpenSea. With so much potential of the platform, creators from all around the world mint their NFTs here in hopes of finding their buyers and selling well.

For a new artist, OpenSea makes it easy to promote NFT art collection online. The platform empowers artists and creators to showcase their talent and be handsomely rewarded for their work. You will find every world-class artist and buyer on OpenSea. 

About OpenSea

OpenSea operates on Ethereum blockchain technology. A user can buy or trade NFTs by using their ETH, WETH, USDC, and other crypto wallets. You cannot trade NFTs using traditional currencies because blockchain technology does not support that option. 

OpenSea was founded in 2017 by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah. Since its launch, the platform has traded over millions of NFTs and continues to do so. 

How to promote NFT collection on OpenSea

If you are looking for ways to promote NFT art collection or any collection, OpenSea is a good place to start. It is the most popular platform where potential buyers surf to find their favorite NFTs. 

However, to reach OpenSea, one needs to adopt some effective strategies for promoting their collection. Here is a complete guide on how to promote NFT collection on OpenSea.

Make Social Media Account

The first and foremost step to promoting your collection on OpenSea is to promote it on social media platforms. The most popular sites are Twitter and Discord. Make an account on each site and promote your NFTs by giving out the OpenSea link.

Once you have followers, you will see enough traffic on your OpenSea profile as well. In short, you use your social media to promote on OpenSea. 

Press Releases

You can hire press release firms to write articles about your NFT collection. They showcase your talent, expertise, background experience, and skills to create a brand and attract potential buyers to visit your OpenSea profile for NFT collections.

Many NFT creators hire press releases to do the job because it saves the effort of worrying about promotion. The press releases authenticate and establish your brand in the NFT marketplace. 

Collaborate with influencers 

Collaborations with influencers can help you gain an audience who are most likely to buy from your collection. NFT influencers have focused viewers who are interested in whatever content they promote, so when you collaborate with them, those viewers go to OpenSea and check out your collection based on recommendations and reviews. 

Some influencers don’t work with creators and give reviews on newly dropped NFTs. If you come under their radar by luck, then you will gain buyers. But you can look for those accounts that give shout-outs and host promotional giveaways for their followers to promote NFT collection.

When you collaborate, you can do NFT projects with them, feature in their content, introduce your concept and story, and even bring them to your own social media accounts through them. It is a smart way of promoting your NFT collection on OpenSea. 


Pinterest is a popular image-sharing social networking website and app. Although this site is usually used by photographers and photo editors, NFT creators are using this platform to promote NFT art collection on OpenSea. 

You just need to make a Pinterest account and start sharing your artwork. The Pinterest algorithm will help you attract your target audience in no time. 


OpenSea itself cannot be used to promote NFT collection, it is just a platform to upload your NFT collection. Although the site does organize NFTs based on interest, you will only get more traffic on your NFT collection if you promote it on other platforms.

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