Leen Kawas Explores Blockchain Growth; Impresses Importance of Tech in Healthcare

Equipped with firsthand knowledge of the Blockchain, Dr. Leen Kawas has become a formidable voice as a backer of the technology. The Co-Founder of Athira Pharma as well as the mind behind its leading drug candidate, Dr. Kawas, has enjoyed a sprawling career filled with the highest of highs.

Recently moving into her role as the Managing General Partner at Propel Bio Partners, Dr. Kawas has made it a mission to share the potential of Blockchain technology as well as its impact on the healthcare sphere.

Blockchain Technology: Big Business Benefits

Dr. Leen Kawas has her Ph.D., but she also has a keen eye for business, having helped to expand the work of Athira before introducing the company’s public offering. Now based in Los Angeles, Dr. Kawas is focused on the impact that Blockchain technology can have on business in the future.

Dr. Kawas points to the Blockchain’s digital ledger as one of the core reasons for its big business benefits. A digital ledger is constantly updated and validated at the same time, ensuring that each member can view the history of the transaction while auditing it for any potential fraud. Blockchain technology can be extrapolated into several areas that benefit healthcare workers specifically.

Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

The United States healthcare industry has long been falling behind as soaring rates and subpar quality of care have become the norm. With that being said, a report by Mordor Intelligence suggests that things are changing in the coming years.

Researchers point out that Blockchain technology continues to grow in popularity, heading the charge in North American markets. This is at the right time for many in the healthcare sphere as issues with data security, healthcare fraud, and rising operation costs continue to behave as burdens for under-equipped patients.

What Can the Blockchain Do?

Dr. Leen Kawas suggests that blockchain technology can be increasingly turned to in order to solve a host of everyday issues in the medical field. Blockchain-based medical records, as example, offer patients and medical professionals the chance to secure their information in a space that can be audited at any moment in time.

Additionally, Dr. Kawas suggests that Blockchain-based shipping records can provide facilities with the security and peace of mind required to operate a supply line. Overall, the adoption of Blockchain technology, in the eyes of Dr. Kawas, is going to lead to increased operational efficiency while improving outcomes for patients.

Finally, Kawas believes that genomic sequencing companies are going to increasingly benefit from the existence of the Blockchain. Kawas thinks that the Blockchain can help to accommodate and secure billions of elements of genomic data. Kawas further suggests that this Blockchain can become a platform for researchers to exchange and accrue valuable information.

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